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The human nose and breathing system are not adapted to the present and quickly evolving environment. The harmful attacks on our breathing by all kinds of substances in our direct environment creates a totally new and typically modern syndrome.

Without clean air the human engine does not function optimally resulting in:

Unhealthy bloodlevels - feelings of unease - raised stress sensitivity - continual feeling of tiredness - trouble with extremely dry or running noses - heightened allergic sensitivity - sneezing - concentration difficulties and in the long run all sorts of ailments

Clean air is a necessity for all. Air is for all and is for free but... Better Breathers(tm) say a definite NO to the elements that attack the quality of it !

We are convinced that the current environment in many cases creates a need for an external aid to help our health to overcome the unwanted side effects of the air we breathe.

Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters offer you an esthet, natural, comfortable and effective help.(University tested)

Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters not only prevent harmful irritation through our breathing system, but learn you again to breathe as nature intended - mainly through the nose.

Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters are not "troublesome". They are an effective response to the negative influences of the "21st century air", and can provide a noticeable affect to the enhancement of the quality of life.

Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters are also available with activated charcoal filters. These filters give added protection against chemical compounds that affect persons who suffer from chemical sensitivity problems. We must point out that our filters will not protect against poisonous or toxic chemicals or fumes.

Our Unconditional Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied please return the unused portion in its original container within two weeks of the purchase date and you will be fully credited.

When to use Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters


2) Better Breathers(tm) Nose Filters SHOULD BE KEPT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

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News alert! New research by the USC shows traffic pollution can cause brain damage. Our better breathers filter out particles down to 0.02 microns that otherwise would be inhaled!
CBS Los Angeles Article

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"We have found the nose filters to be very effective within the spray tan industry.

The filters provide excellent protection against mist inhalation, are easy and comfortable to wear, and are more practical to use than older methods such as face masks.

After just one use you can actually see the "brown solution" build up on the filter.

- Narelle Broadley, Tanacious Tanning